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Organized street hockey is called Dek Hockey. It is played in tennis courts, driveways, school yards, and parking lots. Dek Hockey is a running game played similar to ice hockey with the exception that body checks are NOT allowed. Running, stickhandling, passing and shooting are the basic movements required to provide an exciting and fast game.

We are starting weekly games on Tuesday evenings. There will be 2 groups, one for children under 18 and one for 18 and over.

WHERE: Old Denton/Timberland Outdoor Rink

WHO: Hockey Coach Tom Yockey is a resident that lives right here in Woodland Springs. You can read his hockey bio at www.DallasSnipers.com


WHEN: Tuesday evenings. The first night, May 1 will be a clinic at 6:30 PM

Equipment Needed: hockey stick, children under 18 need a helmet (bike helmet will work) and shin pads (soccer ones will work).

Even if you don’t have equipment, come out to the clinic!!

Sign up at:: http://dallassnipers.wufoo.com/forms/village-of-woodland-springs-dek-hockey/

If you have any questions, please email Coach Yockey at info@DallasSnipers.com