Miscellaneous Items – May 2012

Dear VOWS Residents,
I am writing this evening to update and pass along a few items relating to our community:
VOWS Only Hawaiian Falls Day!!!

Come out and enjoy a school’s out VOWS party at Hawaiian Falls in Roanoke on Thursday, May 31st from 10am-7:30pm. Special pricing is $14 (regular pricing $23.99) or $20 which includes a hamburger, chips and an unlimited drink band. The park will not be open to the public!!  Please contact the on site management office at 817.741.1719 or email events.vows@gmail.com for more information, or to purchase tickets.

VOWS Pool Security Phone Number
There is a new sign and a new number posted at each of the VOWS community pool locations.
  • As a reminder, in the event of an emergency, dial 911!!!
  • During regular pool hours, please contact 817.253.5893 for pool related security matters.
  • For after hours pool maintenance or security matters, please contact Premier Communities at 214.871.9700 and follow the prompts to report the issue.
Alta Vista Street Construction Update  
Road construction along the East side of Alta Vista is well underway.
Construction activity at both the Bray Birch and Rum Street intersections should increase significantly in the coming weeks.
Temporary street closure of the Rum Street intersection will begin Wednesday, May 23rd.  This closure could last up to a week in duration.
We will try to provide you with more information as it becomes available.
Respectfully,Justin La Hue
Property Manager

2012 VOWS Pool Rules

The 2012 VOWS Pool Season is here!  In addition to opening the season earlier and increasing the hours for the Slide Pool, the pool rules have been changed.  The new rules will allow for safety and enjoyment for all of our pool patrons.  All rules will be strictly enforced.  Please familiarize yourself with the new rules and get ready for a fun summer.


1. No lifeguard on duty.  Swim at your own risk.  Lifeguards are required, by law, at the Slide Pool.  All other pools are without guards.  Please observe the pool rules and swim safely.

2. Children under the age of 14 MUST be accompanied by a resident, 18 years or older, possessing a valid pool card. There will be no exception to this rule. Security personnel will be monitoring cards and enforcing this rule.  To obtain a valid pool card the homeowner must be in good standing with the association, with all assessments paid.  Children 14 and older may utilize the pools without an adult but they MUST obey all of the pool rules and possess a valid pool card.  Pool cards may be confiscated by security and deactivated for any violation of pool rules.  It may seem rude, but do not open pool gates for anyone!  All residents using the pools MUST possess a valid pool card. In addition, it is important that all patrons scan their pool cards upon entering the pool area.  Security personnel will be checking with each pool patron to see that their card is active.  All residents will be asked to leave the pool if they are in possession of an invalid card and the card will remain with security.  To retrieve an invalid card, residents must contact the management company.

3. Only 4 guests allowed per residence.  A resident, 18 years or older, possessing a valid pool card, MUST accompany all guests.  The resident, 18 years or older, must remain with the guests at all times.  All guests MUST obey the posted pool rules. Again, security will be monitoring cards and enforcing this rule.  Children 14 and older may use the pools but they may NOT have guests without a member of their household 18 years or older.

4. Proper swimwear is required.Do not wear shorts or cut offs of any kind. Only swimsuits made from swim material will be allowed.

5. Persons with skin diseases, open sores or wounds, inflamed eyes, nasal or ear infections or any communicable diseases are NOT allowed to use the pool. The health and safety of all pool patrons is a top priority.  Please allow for a full recovery before returning to the pools. Practice good hygiene. Shower with soap before swimming and wash your hands after using the toilet or changing diapers. Germs on your body end up in the water.  As a precaution do not swallow pool water and take frequent bathroom breaks during your swim day.

6. For the health and safety of the residents, rubber pants in addition to swim diapers are REQUIRED for all non-toilet trained children.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends both to help ensure prevention of fecal contamination.  Every year our pool experiences several closures due to fecal contamination.  This is also a costly issue for our association, requiring the use of additional chemicals to return the pool to safe levels.  Rubber pants can be purchased at Target ($3.79 for a package of two, Gerber brand) and Walmart in the baby section.  The CDC also strongly recommends that diapers be checked and changed frequently.  All diapers are to be changed in designated areas away from poolside. For additional information on pool safety and health, please visit the CDC website. www.cdc.gov/healthywater/swimming

7. NO water wings allowed. Water wings are not designed for safety.  Do not trust the safety of your child to a device that can be purchased for under $2.00. If using life jackets, make sure they are Coast Guard approved. The best way to ensure your child’s safety is to always swim with your child and to continuously monitor him/her at all times.  Providing qualified swim instruction for your child is a great way make swimming fun and safe.  There are several options available in our area.  Our lifeguard company, Bearfoot Management, will again offer swim lessons to our residents.  All lessons will be held in VOWS.For more information visit http://www.bearfootmgmt.com/activities/swimming-lessons.

8. No diving allowed. The shallow depths of our pool in VOWS are not designed for diving.  Diving into the pools may result in serious injury.  When jumping from the sides make sure that the area is clear from other swimmers.  To better ensure your safety and the safety of others please utilize designated pool entrances and ladders

9. No pets, No smoking, No alcohol or glass objects of any kind allowed in pool area.  Please be considerate of other pool patrons.  You may enjoy food and beverages at the pool but bring only non-breakable containers and properly dispose of trash.  Alcohol and water are a dangerous mix.  Please enjoy these beverages at your home.  These rules are designed for the enjoyment and safety of ALL residents.

10. Radios and other noise should be maintained at a low level at all times. Again, please be considerate of others around you.  Enjoy your music but keep it low.

11. DO NOT ride bikes, tricycles, scooters, roller blades or skateboards in the pool area.  You may keep these items near you at the pool unless a designated storage area is provided outside. However, riding these objects on the pool deck causes costly damage to the decking.

12. Running, roughhousing or general horseplay that may endanger the safety of others is NOT allowed.  Pools are a source of summer fun for many residents but horsing around can result in serious injury to you and/or others in the pool.  Once again, security personnel will be enforcing all of the posted rules.

13. Foul language and/or threatening behavior will NOT be tolerated.  If you observe such behavior PLEASE report it immediately to security or management.  You may also call 911 to report dangerous behavior.  The pools in our community are for the use and enjoyment of all residents.  You and your family should feel safe and protected at all times.

14. Emergency equipment is to be used for emergency use only.  Tampering with this equipment can result in damage and breakage.  Emergency equipment, in working condition, is required at all pools.

15. Access to the equipment room is restricted. Equipment rooms are used for maintenance and operation of the pool.  Damage to this area can lead to costly repairs and long term closures.  Please keep from entering these areas.

16. NO TRESPASSING after pool hours or during pool closures.  Each pool is closed for weekly maintenance and occasionally for contaminations and major repairs.  Do not enter a closed and locked pool.  A sign will be posted at all pools stating the reason for a closure.  Trespassing may result in criminal prosecution.

17. The Homeowner Association or Management Company is not responsible for accidents, injuries or theft.  Take responsibility for you and your family and report violations of pool rules to security or management immediately.  Also, notify management of unclean areas, including restrooms and pool decking.  All maintenance issues should also be reported right away.

18. VANDALISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. To report vandalism, call police immediately, then notify Management Company.  Vandalism costs the Association thousands of dollars every year.  Not only is it costly but is can be dangerous, as well.  As a homeowner in VOWS, you are a part owner in all of its common areas.  Do not allow others to destroy this property.  Please report vandalism immediately.

19. In case of EMERGENCY, call 911. Calling 911 immediately will ensure that proper medical attention can be received quickly.    Following these rules will help to ensure that you and your family enjoy a safe and fun swimming experience every time.  The Association will again be hiring security guards for our pools.  Please report all violations.  Remember that violation of pool rules may lead to revoking of pool privileges and/or criminal prosecution.Look for a complete calendar and the new rules enclosed in your semiannual assessment billing coming in May.


*** As a reminder, during the off-season all pool cards were turned off.  To reactivate your card, please contact the management company by phone, email or by dropping by their onsite office. You will not have access the pools until this has process has been completed.  Avoid delays by calling today.