Amenity Center Rentals

The Amenity Center is located at 12209 Timberland Blvd, Keller TX 76244

Reservation times and rates are as follows:
Monday-Friday: 9am-12pm 1pm-4pm  5pm-10pm
Saturday & Sunday:  9am-12pm  1pm-4pm  5pm-11pm
Each time slot is $ 90

The $500.00 security deposit is required not only to cover for any property damage but to cover the cost of cleaning services required when residents fail to honor the signed contract agreement.  According to the contract, the set-up time and clean-up time are included in the reservation.  Please allow time in your session to perform these necessary services without running into the next reservation.

It is very important to complete the Check-in and Check-out Sheets before and after your reservation.  This is to ensure you are not erroneously charged cleaning fees when in fact it should have been the party before yours.  If a member of our team is not available when you complete the form it may be left in the mail slot on our front door.  If you arrive for your event and the Amenity Center is not clean or there are damaged items, we urge you to take pictures and email to:

The Amenity Center is only available for rental to the residents of The Villages of Woodland Springs that are current on dues and have no outstanding fines.

Maximum Occupancy – 434 persons
Rectangular tables-18 on  rolling carts
round tables- 11 on rolling carts
chairs – 145
The kitchen area has a refrigerator, microwave, sink with garbage disposal
restrooms and changing table


The Amenity Center form is under the Forms & Info