Pond Dredging

A dredging company has been hired to remove sedimentation from the pond located on the Park Vista greenbelt between Woodland Springs Drive and Bayview Drive. The sedimentation is not allowing the irrigation pump to work properly. The project will begin Monday, April 6th and is projected to be completed in two weeks. The sedimentation will be pumped into porous bags near the shoreline. The bags will remain on the shoreline for 4-5 weeks, until they are dry enough to be transported to an offsite location. During the dredging process , the pond will not be treated for algae south of the fountain. When sedimentation is disturbed and the water temperature is hot, it is not uncommon for gases to release and the presence of a noticeable smell. Once the sediment is removed, there may be a significant algae bloom. The lake management company will treat the algae, if any, once the dredging equipment has been removed. We appreciate your understanding and patience with this project. For any questions or concerns, please contact the management team at 817-741-1719, or vows.admin@fsresidential.com.