Bunny Hop Easter Egg Hunt March 27, 2010 – Time: 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Bunny Hop Easter Egg Hunt

March 27, 2010 Time: 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

It’s official:

The Villages of Woodland Springs Bunny Hop Easter Egg Hunt will kick off on March 27 at 11:00 a.m. at Bray Birch Park right after the Bunny Hop 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run. Come and enjoy the bounce houses and face painting! The Easter Egg hunt will begin at 11:00am for ages 0-13 years old. We will be giving out prizes, so bring your baskets and let’s enjoy this special event. Don’t forget pictures with the Easter Bunny :) PLEASE RSVP to events.vows@gmail.com with the ages of your kids. We want to make sure we will have enough eggs for all the kids.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact us at events.vows@gmail.com.

Landscape and Grounds Committee Updates

By Catherine Honaker, Chair

The meeting was called to order on January 14th at 6:30 pm by
Catherine Honaker, Chair. Those present were Catherine Honaker,
Shirley Gansser, Jim Houston, Zach Braden, Carol Reddic-Snapp,
John Schubert (Brickman’s), Travis Baker (Brickman’s), Justin La
Hue (Premier). Michael Slaton was absent.

The LGC Action Items were reviewed.

  • Homes on Hollow Valley overlooking the mitigation area should
    have iron fences, not wood. Cat drove the area on 11/17/09 and
    all homes have 6’ iron fences. Status – complete.
  • City of Fort Worth tree grant program for 2010 – Jim does not
    know at this time if we will be able to get more trees in March
    but will check into it. Status – in progress.
  • The builder (Lions Gate) is installing trees in the parkway
    on Twin Flower because the front yards are too small to
    hold two trees. Justin will contact the builder and give the
    builder a “pass” to only install one tree in these yards. Status
    – in progress.
  • The builder (First Texas) is installing wood fences on Grape
    Leaf homes that back to “green space”. Chase has given First
    Texas approval for the wood fences in lieu of the iron because
    behind the “green space” is an area of land that is currently
    identified as “multi-family housing”. Status – complete.
  • The City of Fort Worth has a park grant program that the LGC
    will look into to see if we can obtained new and/or replacement
    trash cans for our park areas. Status – in progress.
  • Brickman’s provided Cat with a map of cul-de-sacs that they
    maintain for VOWS. Cat to pull TAD records to verify ownership
    of the cul-de-sacs. Status – in process.
  • KISD has completed the installation of the sidewalk at
    Independence Elementary. Another meeting has been set with
    KISD the week of January 25th to continue discussions on
    other KISD issues related to VOWS. Status – in progress.
  • Some of the color beds are slopping. Brickman’s was asked to
    provide a bid to repair these beds. Status – in progress.
  • The trees in the park at the slide pool are too thick to allow
    enough sunlight to beam through to the grass. We requested
    a bid from Brickman’s to trim them and raise the canopies to
    allow light to pass through. Brickman’s said that their arborist
    indicated that we could only trim lightly because these are
    native post oaks and could die if we over trim them but that we
    can trim slightly and remove the suckers. The project cost for
    this is $3,385.20 plus another $2,301.47 to add prep the soil,
    add dirt and hydro seed with fescue. The expense is more than
    we had anticipated and therefore the item has been added to
    the “wish list” of future projects. Status – complete pending
    future approval from “wish list”.
  • Home owner on Begonia Ct had been requesting help from
    SBB since March 2008 (almost two years) with the flooding
    issue in his yard. His lot is next to a VOWS owned lot and the
    irrigation from the VOWS lot was flooding his yard. Brickman’s
    installed a French drain to alleviate the problem but during the
    installation found that the home owner’s irrigation is also outside the home owner’s fence line which could be the problem. Premier will request a copy of the home owner’s survey to find out if the fence is in the wrong place or the irrigation is in the wrong place. Status – in progress.
  • The developer has several areas he would like to turn over
    to VOWS. We are waiting on Chase to provide a listing of the
    areas. Status – in progress.
  • VOWS has 5 missing color beds that were never installed by
    the builder (Lennar). The LGC requested pricing to install these
    beds and request contact information for the builder from Chase
    in November 09. Status – in progress.

Broken Sprinkler Heads?

Do you see a sprinkler head watering a common area that is over spraying, broken off or maybe not working at all?  Please forward the exact location of the problem along with a description of what is happening to vows.sprinklers@gmail.com.


Landscape and Grounds Committee Updates for Aug ’08

The Landscape and Grounds Committee (LGC) has been busy working on 2009 budget proposals, reviewing quotes for landscaping work needed in the community and other projects that involve the growing VOWS neighborhood.  The 2009 budget proposal has been drafted and will be presented to the Budget and Finance (more…)

Landscape & Grounds Committee Update

Typically the dormant season is not very busy for landscaping, but he VOWS LGC Committee and Brickman’s has been extremely busy around the community.  I am sure you have been able to see the bed improvements taking place all over VOWS.  The beds are looking fantastic and will continue to improve as the warmer weather arrives.  Spring and summer color will be going in soon and we look forward to much greener grass than we have seen in previous seasons due to proper fertilization, weed control and ongoing irrigation maintenance.

The irrigation system has undergone an extensive review by Brickman’s since they came on board in October and as a result they have submitted three recommendations for improvement to the current system.  These improvements will help conserve water, improve the design and watering patterns in certain areas.   The LGC has asked Brickman’s to provide individual quotes for each recommendation along with a priority level to assist with budgeting and planning.  Once this is received the LGC will review and decided on recommendations to present to the Advisory Committee.

Brickman’s has been instrumental in the positive changes taking place in our communities appearance, so if you see a Brickman’s truck around your village give a wave or say “Hi”, because they are doing an outstanding job.  The LG Committee meets the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM, locations will vary until the amenity center is complete.  You can contact us via the official website or by submitting an email to vows.landscape@yahoo.com.