Lost Pets

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LOST 11/24/2016 – Freckles live on Bretton Wood and snuck out sometime at night.  She’s an indoor cat and doesn’t have a collar or a microchip.  Please call Melissa if you have seen her – 817-907-5294.



found-dogFOUND 10/4/2016  – Found walking on Durango Root near Long Stem.  Please contact Brian Murnahan – 817-689-9913 – at Brian@Murnahan.me.







FOUND DOG 9/26/16 – He was found walking on Aspen Creek, no collar or tags.  He appears to be a male Pug.  Please contact Anne Marie at 682-225-7235.




dogFOUND DOG 8/8/16 – She was found near Park Vista and Woodland Springs Drive. Please contact the HOA office at 817-741-1719 for more information.

Lost Puppy 1 - 2913 Milby Oaks Drive Lost puppy 1Lost Puppy 2 LOST PUPPY 8/2/16 – White/Tan Chihuahua was accidentally let out of his home in the Milby Oaks neighborhood. His name is Armani. If found, please contact Gabby Hawthorne at 817-726-1922 or 214-395-3595.

Found 7.1.16FOUND 6/30/16 – Female Shih tzu on Katy Road.  Contact Hesters at 817-431-8835.
Found 6/7/16 – She was found walking on Vienna Apple (near Kenny Dr) with another white dog that ran off.   She appears to be an older dog with a old rabies tag from Fossil Creek Animal Hospital.  If you have any information about her, please contact Joanne at 949-280-1543.
Mr. TLOST KITTY -4/30/16 – My best buddy Mr. T hasn’t come home. We live at 2808 Lynx Ln. He’s typically just around our back yard and normally doesn’t stay away long. He’s been missing about 18 hours. He has on a blue collar If you wouldn’t mind posting his picture I would appreciate it. If you find Mr. T, please call the Melissa at 203-209-0224.

AJLOST KITTY – 4/23/16 -AJ went missing on April 23rd, He is approximately 2 years old and his family misses him dearly. If you find AJ, please call Jamie at 817-992-9660.

LOST KITTY 4/20/16–  Azula went missing on the afternoon of 4/20/16 from my backyard on Toffee Street. She’s not one to wander away, especially out on the streets.  This cat has helped my son in-law love unconditionally since his Mother passed away in a car accident. Please call me if you have seen Azula –  Sonia Deckert 480-939-9169.
Lost DogFOUND DOG – 4/14/16 – While babysitting a kid at soccer I found a dog around the school  hopefully you can find his home!!  Please call 817-793-4142 if this is your dog or you know the owners.
Male German Shepherd
Found Dog 3/30/16 – Male German Shepherd Found on Cottontail in VOWS – taken to vet – no microchip.  Please contact alisha.guerra@icloud.com if he belongs to you or you have any information on this missing dog.
WhispersLOST CAT – Whispers the cat is deaf and does not have a tag or microchip.  He has been declawed.  Please email jal430@yahoo.com if you found Whispers or have any information.

Found 3.26FOUND DOG 3/26/16 – Found female Black dog with white markings (no chip or collar) on Katy Road Mar 26.  Reported to Fort Worth Humane Society and logged to Nextdoor App. Call 817-229-8326 for information.

FOUND DOG –  We found her wandering around in the street in front of our house on Basilwood on Saturday.
She has a sweater and looks recently groomed so I’m sure someone is missing her.
My number is 917-929-4410 (Trey).
NixLOST CAT 1/16/16 – Nix is a large gray, brown and white long haired cat from Begonia CT.  She went missing this morning or last night (1/15/16).  She is very skittish but may come to food.  She is micro-chipped.  Please contact Amber at 817-480-5715.
lost catLOST CAT 1/12/16 –  Sully has been missing since 12/20/15. He is a small black and white neutered male and is microchipped.  Please call Heather at 978-229-9407 if you have seem him.
DogDog found 12/17/15 after being hit by a car.  She has been take to FW Animal Care & Control.  Finder said she had a collar with no tags.  Please call FWACC if she is yours or you know who she belongs to.  FWACC 817-392-1234.
PUPPY FOUND !!! LOST DOG 12/16/15 –  Puppy missing from home on Horseshoe Ridge since this morning (12/16/15). She’s a Yorkie with a greyish black body/tan face, weighs 6lbs. She has a medical condition and would be gracious if someone returns her safely. Please call Veronica 214-763-1250
LOST DOG 12/15/15 –  Mini is a lost poodle.Mini
Please call 281-451-5133
Mirza or Isaias if you find her.
20151123_183450BEAGLE FOUND  11/23/15 – No collar (appears to be someone’s pet),
very friendly – we have him in our backyard.
Please call Ashley Bynum at 940-594-7876.
 LOST DOG 10/30/15 – Miniature party Schnuazer goes by the name “Nelson” he is party in color
Nelson(white, silver, grey and black) he is long haired currently not cut. He has a stub tail. He doesn’t have a collar –  it broke and I was replacing it. He went missing 10/30/15 in the evening. He is very friendly in disposition. Please call Wayne at 682-554-0447 if found. Thank you and God bless.
LOST DOG 10/25/15 –  Gus is a 7yr old black (w/silver grey brindle) Scottish Terrier Went missing today (at 2:50pm) with his Scottish terrier brother (which we found) from 12229 Walden Wood Dr.  Please contact Kate MacLean @ 601-870-5102 or Jared MacLean 817-240-9954.

DaisyLOST DOG 10/25/15 –   Daisy -2 year old female, terrier/dachshund mix.  She went missing Sunday 10/25 near Keller Hicks and Woodland Springs.  Contact Joseph at 817-875-9493.

ShadowLOST CAT – 9/30/15 – Lost cat in VOWS. Shadow is 7 years old and very friendly. In the Quail Creek neighborhood.
LOST CAT – 9/18/15 – We moved here about a month and a half ago and our cat Ozzy went missing the week we moved. He’s black with a prominent white patch on his chest and had a collar on. He’s very sweet, affectionate and vocal. He is 14 years old but doesn’t seem that old.  If found, please call 940-597-3948.lost cat
FOUND DOG: 9-10-15: Black and White Australian shelty mix found near Softwood Cirle and Sawtimeber. Please contact the office if this is your your or know who it belongs to.

LOST CAT:  7-24-15:  Her name is Maggie. She walks with me and 3 dogs every day. She knows where she lives, if no one has moved her out of her home territory. She is friendly. Her dogs and I miss her very much. My number is  201-366-8517.  I live on Persimmon Court.


 LOST:  6-1-15:  Yorky:  Silver Back.  Small with plaid harness.  Name is Rocco.  Call Stefani at 214-662-8391.
 Auggie is safe back home!

Dog escaped around 730 am this morning and not able to locate him. He is brown/red dachshund and his name is Auggie. If found please call  Katelin at 661-917-3712. Thank you.


 FOUND:  This cat has lost his home. Has belonged to someone, friendly, but nervous. Has soars in his face after fight, needs help, and his home. PLEASE!! Call 713 410 7302
found dogFOUND:  Woodland Springs and Keller Hicks.  Text Meanie at 817-793-1788
FOUND DOG:  Last night a family in VOWS took in a beautiful female German Sheppard. This morning they turned her in to the Fort Worth animal control. Their number is 817-392-1234.  Please call them if you think this sweet pup might be yours.

boxerFOUND:  Found running on Timberland Fri 10/24 at 7PM call 4698555959










FOUND:  Female yorkie on Walden Wood.  Please call Haley at 208-569-2438 if this is your dog.
AJLOST:  AJ has returned home!  Our cat, AJ got out of our yard yesterday evening (10-14-14) and has not returned.  We live on Gold Creek Dr E.  He is an adult cat, gray and white tabby.  No collor.  If found please call Jamie at 817-992-9660. 
basset hound foundFOUND: has been returned to his owner!   Elderly male basset house with a blue cast on his back right leg and a red left eye.  Found near Bay View Drive.  Please call Danielle at 603-494-5642.25

catLOST: has been found! Senior cat who needs medication. Medium hair, brown orange and white markings. Missing since Tuesday 8/26. Any info, please call 303-501-6262.










LOST:  12 year old male Yellow Lab with red collar. Name is Gunner and went missing Wednesday evening (8/27/14). If found, please call 973.219.3640.

zoroLost:Black and white cat. Name is Zoro and went missing Monday (8/4/14). If found, please call 817-932-2058.





LOST:  Lost Dog 07/12/2014 @ 10:30am from Walden Wood dr Half boxer/ half Boston terroir. White with brown and black spots.  Super sweet. Microchipped, has tumor on back. Please call 972-786-2906.

Her three boys miss her.


LOST:  Black kitten, orange eyes, long tail, approx. 4 mos. old, Loud purr, name: Otto. Lost around Wild Pear Lane and KennOttoy area.  No chip, No collar, No tags.

Please contact Jacob or Carrie Hughes at 817-723-2792

FOUND: Small light red female short hair dog.  Found at park with no collar.  She misses you.  817-741-7383
AbbyLOST:  Female cat.  Named Abby.  She’s an indoor cat.  She ran out of the back door on Friday, May 30 around 3:00pm or 4:00pm.  If you have seen her please contact Stephanie at 682-351-5300.  Thank you so much!
lhasa apsoFOUND: 5-21-14:   Female, brown Lhasa Apso on Durango Root.  Please call Mary at 817-713-3817 if this is your dog or you know who’s dog it is.

Thank you.










LOST:  Corgie sheltie mix redish tan, 26 lbs, medium sized, shaggy hair, 18yrs old, kinda timid, has cataracts, spayed female.. lives at 12321 langley hill drive, call us at 8173378228,went  missing around 1pm mon 5/12


LOST:  Bulldog on 05/08/2014 during the morning thunderstorm on Ponderosa Pine Dr.  Please call Lisa at 817-500-8533 if found.  The dog needs her eye medicine.  Thank you.













FOUND:  Friday, May 2, 2014.  Female Bulldog type dog.  Please call Sally at 626-705-9044

FOUND:  May 5, 2014:  Chubby male cat with a white stomach and face, and a tan/blonde back and tail. Found on Spotted Owl Dr.

Contact 817-372-5910 if this is your cat.

FOUND:  This dog was found in the Sugar Groves at the Villages of Woodland Springs. Please contact brandi.lara879@gmail.com to claim.











FOUND:  Brindle Boxer, traveling with a German Shepard.  The boxer has a collar that says Max.  Very sweet and playful.  German Shepard wouldn’t come, is still out.  Boxer is in my backyard.  Please call or come by if this dog belongs to you.  Rhonda – 817-823-8039.  5200 Dove Creek.


FOUND:  Small black / white dog wondering around barking Sunday evening.  Male.  Thin red collar w/ no tag

Very friendly.  White around his face, tummy and inside his ears.  Found him near Timberland and Dogwood Springs Drive.

Contact:  Mindy 972-339-2129 or minboudreaux23@gmail.com



FOUND DOG:  Husky – very friendly. Call Holly 817-337-8583

FOUND DOG:  Found cream colored male terrier off Old Denton road. Call Stephanie at 616-822-1780.