Lost Pets


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lost dogLaska, our female Schnoodle got out of our yard late yesterday 7/29/2014 afternoon. Just about the time everyone is out walking. Our house is on the West side of Woodland Springs Dr. and we are across the street from the fishing pond and she got out under the brick wall so she was on Woodland Springs Dr. She is my daughters dog and she is devastated. Laska loves people and would let anyone pick her up that tried. Please help us bring her home.Chad Trawick

214-546-4377 Cell







LOST:  Lost Dog 07/12/2014 @ 10:30am from Walden Wood dr Half boxer/ half Boston terroir. White with brown and black spots.  Super sweet. Microchipped, has tumor on back. Please call 972-786-2906.

Her three boys miss her.


LOST:  Black kitten, orange eyes, long tail, approx. 4 mos. old, Loud purr, name: Otto. Lost around Wild Pear Lane and KennOttoy area.  No chip, No collar, No tags.

Please contact Jacob or Carrie Hughes at 817-723-2792

FOUND: Small light red female short hair dog.  Found at park with no collar.  She misses you.  817-741-7383
BellaBella is back home!
LOST:  We’ve lost our family dog, Bella, a 10 year old female black lab. She got out in the early morning of Friday, June 13th. We are in The Woods portion of VOWS, close to 377 and Caylor. She is very sweet, approachable. If found, please call me, Alyssa, at (817) 797-0615. She is wearing a blue and pink collar.Thanks!Alyssa Charboneau
AbbyLOST:  Female cat.  Named Abby.  She’s an indoor cat.  She ran out of the back door on Friday, May 30 around 3:00pm or 4:00pm.  If you have seen her please contact Stephanie at 682-351-5300.  Thank you so much!
yorkieFOUND:  May 28, 2014.  RETURNEDMy information is:Yorkie Female Dog Found on 5/28/14 at 6:40 pm.I found her on Keller Hicks Road by Keller Practice Tee Golf Range.She’s wearing a pink tinker bell collar.Please call Melanie at (512) 590-0404.

lhasa apso

FOUND: 5-21-14:   Female, brown Lhasa Apso on Durango Root.  Please call Mary at 817-713-3817 if this is your dog or you know who’s dog it is.

Thank you.










LOST:  Corgie sheltie mix redish tan, 26 lbs, medium sized, shaggy hair, 18yrs old, kinda timid, has cataracts, spayed female.. lives at 12321 langley hill drive, call us at 8173378228,went  missing around 1pm mon 5/12


LOST:  Bulldog on 05/08/2014 during the morning thunderstorm on Ponderosa Pine Dr.  Please call Lisa at 817-500-8533 if found.  The dog needs her eye medicine.  Thank you.













FOUND:  Friday, May 2, 2014.  Female Bulldog type dog.  Please call Sally at 626-705-9044

FOUND:  May 5, 2014:  Chubby male cat with a white stomach and face, and a tan/blonde back and tail. Found on Spotted Owl Dr.

Contact 817-372-5910 if this is your cat.

beagleOUNDRETURNED  Female Beagle mix. Black, tan and white. Red collar with rhinestones. Followed us home from Woodland Springs Drive. Call or text.Steve Austin 252-259-8224


FOUND:  RETURNED Puppy walking on the trail by the pond on Park Vista and Bray Birch.  She is very sweet.

Please contact Jeremy.

(318) 751-2818








FOUND:  This dog was found in the Sugar Groves at the Villages of Woodland Springs. Please contact brandi.lara879@gmail.com to claim.











FOUND:  Brindle Boxer, traveling with a German Shepard.  The boxer has a collar that says Max.  Very sweet and playful.  German Shepard wouldn’t come, is still out.  Boxer is in my backyard.  Please call or come by if this dog belongs to you.  Rhonda – 817-823-8039.  5200 Dove Creek.


FOUND:  Small black / white dog wondering around barking Sunday evening.  Male.  Thin red collar w/ no tag

Very friendly.  White around his face, tummy and inside his ears.  Found him near Timberland and Dogwood Springs Drive.

Contact:  Mindy 972-339-2129 or minboudreaux23@gmail.com



FOUND DOG:  Husky – very friendly. Call Holly 817-337-8583

FOUND DOG:  Found cream colored male terrier off Old Denton road. Call Stephanie at 616-822-1780.











LOST CAT:  missing 14 yr old orange tabby named Tom since 2/24/2014.  Last seen on Lily Drive.  If seen lease contact his family at (541) 633-3082.






LOST DOG:  9 month old Shih Tzu.  He’s light brown and cream color with green yellowish eyes.  He lives on Horseshoe Ridge Drive and escaped from his back yard onto Old Denton sometime between 6:30pm and 10:00pm on 2-25-14.  Please call Monica at 817-938-2166.


We have lost our 1 yr old German shorthairded pointer.  We are devastated we haven’t been able to find her!! She is microchiped and She is super sweet!  We just moved in on Sancherry.  Any info please contact Sarah or Jake at 8176812910 or 2143958284








FOUND DOG:  This dog walked into our garage Wednesday night (Jan 22, 2014). The intersection of Milby Oaks and Brown Bear.  Please contact Teresa @ 972-533-4690








LOST DOG:  This is Daisy.  She lives in a neighboring HOA to VOWS.  She is missing and her owner is devastated. If you have seen Daisy, please call Cindy
at (817) 602-7069. Daisy

FOUND DOG:  Male Boxer, tan with white on head and chest. Found on the corner of Bellis Dr. and Vestia Dr. Contact at 817-223-1674

FOUND DOG:  A female yellow lab.  Very sweet.  Found on Timblerland Blvd across from Timber Creek High School about 2 weeks ago.  If this dog belongs to you or you know who it belongs to please call 407-766-9440 or email plinio.baez@hotmail.com.

FOUND DOG: A brown and black medium-sized female dog with white chest, legs and tip of tail, and a pink collar, showed up on our doorstep tonight (Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013) around 8:45 p.m. Very friendly and seemed to be looking for home. Please call 512-590-2229.

Found:  a light brown colored dog on the street of Hollow Valley last night at around 6:30pm. Dog does not have a collar but it’s very sweet and came to us with tons of kisses and a waggin tail. Eagerly looking for this pup’s owners so if it is yours or you know who’s it is, that would be greatly appreciated. Please call Rose at 682-22-0-6467 with the gender of the dog and additional details about it so we can confirm it’s yours. Thank You.

Found:  I found a brown hairy dog wandering in my front lawn (3021 Hollow Valley Drive) on 11/11 around 3 am. He is either a wirehair pointing griffon or wirehair spaniel terrier mix, male, around 30-45 lbs. He looks like a bear. Very nice and well behave. There were  tags,no license, and no rabbies tags.I took him to the vet  hoping he had a chip, but the dog doen’t have one. If this is your dog please call 817-494-2515.  Thanks

Found:  A female Colley on Timberland Blvd near the Amenities Center.  If you think she belongs to you, please call Tommy at 817-706-3481 or Bianca at 682-970-7674.

Found:  2 dogs found this morning (10-25) on Keller Hicks Rd. One female white large (65 lbs or so) and one male yellow large (about 80 lbs). Both have 2013 rabies tags from Vet Med Care, but no one will answer at that number. Call 817 431-1362 if these are your dogs.

Found:  Female huskie at Timber Creek High School with collar (no tags) on 10/24/13. Please call Cierra at 817-706-3745 or Rebekah at 214-277-1205 if you think this dog belongs to you.

Found:  Black dog with a black chain collar.  No tags.  He wandered up to the office at Penguin Patch on Alta Vista.  If you think this dog belongs to you or you know who it belongs to please email sarah.boorman@penguinpatch.com

Lost Dog – Missing male yorkie puppy. He has a red color with white footprints. He got out of backyard on Macaroon Lane. He has been missing since 10/9/13. Name is Crypto. If found please call 817-204-3855.

Found Dog – Small cream color dog with blond tips about 7 to 10 lbs on September 12, 2013 in the Woods neighborhood.  The dog will be keep until September 23, 2013.  After which the dog will be put up for adoption. The owner can contact 903-521-7098.

Found:  Male Chihuahua mix, white with tan, collar with a bell found Monday evening, Sept 16 in the Villages of Woodland Springs on the corner on Smokehorn and Park Vista.  He has been taken to:

Animal Care & Control Center:  4900 Martin St, Fort Worth, TX 76119 817-392-PAWS (7297)


Lost Dog:  Staffordshire Terrier.  Black and Brown Brindle with White on chest.  Weighs around 35 lbs.  Answers to Tyson.  Family Dog.  Please call 214-450-5955                                                                                                                           


Found July 4:   Female, Brown Dachshund.  Near intersection of Keller Haslet and Alta Vista Road.

She is obviously a senior dog and someone is missing her terribly. She is in good hands, but the current caregivers cannot continue to keep her much longer.  The owners can contact Dallas- Fort Worth Dachshund Rescue at Phone: 817-481-9272 for her location.



July 4, 2013:  Found Yellow Lab.  Off park vista on July 4th. No tags. 817-946-6547
LOST DOG:  May 16 off Prickly Pear Drive.  Small white Bichon Frise.  He is big for a small dog. He hasn’t been fixed and will most likely respond to the name Romeo.  Please call 817-797-7420 or email  ajcooper2614@gmail.com.

Found:  Chihuahua in Saratoga on Saturday, May 12.  She has been taken to:

Animal Care & Control Center

4900 Martin St

Fort Worth, TX 76119

817-392-PAWS (7297)

Mother Cat and Kittens:  If anyone is looking for a mother Calico cat, please call or text 817.456.6604.  You won’t have to worry about taking the kittens [unless you want them].  We are working on getting them their shots and finding good homes.

There is also a longer haired big gray cat, I’m assuming the male that we’ve seen twice lurking around in our back yard.  Anyone missing a gray cat??

The kittens are 1 Calico, 1 Black, and two Gray.  They appear to be about 6 weeks old.

Lost Cat:  April 30.  Last seen on Morab St in Saratoga.  Gray tabby named Shadow.  Please text me 817-371-7573.

Looking for a good home:  4 yr old German Lab. His owners are having a baby in August and looking for a loving home for him..  Please contact Eddie Meyer at 817-966-8871.
Lost Black Male Pomerainan.  His name is Teddy and he has not been seen since 4/5/13 around 7pm off of Timberland and Old Denton.  He is chipped and neutered.  If you have seen him or do see him please catch him and call  817-889-7042 or 817-344-0932.  Thank you all so much!

3-20-13:  Found 2 labs.  1 yellow and 1 black.  Found near Waterbrook and Park Vista.  Please call:  214-477-6546


Found a white dog, looks like a Jack Russell. Found on Sunday 3/3/13 on Twinflower.Please call 760-220-6517.


On Friday 2/15/12, our Dobermann, Anna, bolted out the front door.  She usually comes back when this happens, but not this time.  She is about 60 pounds, mostly black, with some tan.  She does not have a collar, but is microchipped.  We live on Vienna Apple, south of Bray Birch.  If anyone has seen her, please call Zoe at 817-874-7835.


Found small female dog on Old Denton, Monday, Feb. 11, 2013.  She is mostly white with some tan/brown patches.  She has brown around her eyes.  Wearing a collar but not tags.  Please contact Jennifer at 215-350-3171.

Lost Reindeer Chihuahua Brown with white on face and chest wearing a purple collar. Crawled under fence from 4957 Ambrosia Dr. Please call if found 817-908-0041 or 325-338-7188, or email scottj777@verizon.net.

Found a small, dark brown male dog with some light brown around the ears and white on his chest. Around 12 – 15 pounds, thin build, does not have a collar. Found walking on Park Vista February 6, 2013 just before reaching the pond on Bray Birch Street. I brought him home with me, so he is safe. Call me at (817)  718  4325. Leave me a voice message with your name and number to reach you back.


Found female Golden Retriever in Villages Woodland Springs.  She is wearing a purple collar (no tags) and is NOT microchipped.  For more information, please call  972-979-1761 or 817-741-7028.


Found Returned - Shizshu found wandering between summerwind and Vienna apple. no collar. very friendly. please call 817-422-6445

LOST – We are missing a siamese cat.  She accidentally got out last night, 1/22/13, on Almond Lane.  She is very dark and has blue eyes.  Her name is Widget, she does not keep a collar on but she is  microchipped.  Please call or text 817.903.3706  Thank you!



Found on Quail Creek Court. Two male, un-neutered dogs approximately 50 pounds. One is white and the other has German Shepard markings. Very friendly.   No collars. Been turned over to  Animal Control.

Returned home LOST- shih tzu: he is around 16 lbs.  5 yrs old white long hair with brown spots, brown ears and a little black at the end of ears. He has big brown eyes. He is a well behaved might bark at strangers but super sweet and mellow. He is not used to being outside at all so if you see him please, please call me our daughters are devastated! He was last seen on our street triangle leaf. It’s the last neighborhood between Keller hicks and timberland close to old Denton rd. (817)655-3339 thank you!!he was last seen 12/11/12 at 5:30 pm

Found on Alta Vista near the Timberland intersection, December 3 at 7:00 a.m.  She appears to be a wire-haired terrier, about twelve to fourteen pounds.  She is wearing a pink collar and was seen with a large Pomeranian-mixed blond female dog.  I couldn’t stop the large dog.  Please call 817.726.8513

LOST – Short legs, brown and white, very friendly, probably around 50lbs, has an underbite and doesn’t have a left ear. We will also be putting up posters with a picture. If this may be your dog please call and leave a message at (817)431.2257

We found a yellow Labrador in The Vista Green Community on 11/18 Sun. He’s well-mannered young male dog. We are looking for a foster home or a new home for him. Please call or leave a massage 904-252-2324 Thank you

Returned home-We are missing a cat- white and gray tabby cross about 2 years old, male neutered. Had collar- “Boots” and is microchipped. He is indoor only, front declawed, and missing since Monday- 11/12/12 from my sisters house on Dove Creek Drive. ktraina@aol.com

Lost female Chocolate Lab   has collar and chip 817-247-2650

Found 11/12/12   LAB MIX  white and tan, male please call the onsite office 817-741-1719

FOUND  Returned 11/9/2012 around 11 AM found a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on Red Wolf Dr. You’ll have to describe and identify gender before you can claim. email me at stacy.mcgrath@premiercommunites.net

LOST - Returned  has been missing since about 5pm on 11/09 off of Lily Drive. White miniature schnauzer with a very short cut – Super friendly and is not accustomed to being outside like this. Please let us know if you have found him or seen him – we miss him and are so worried. 706-614-0326.

LOST- Returned home - 10/25/12 -Our little, twelve pound, orange with cream face Pomeranian escaped out of our home off Count Drive in Saratoga on Thursday, October 25th while we were preparing for our move.  Our home is one street over from VOWS and he received several calls of sightings of him in VOWS.  He was last seen on Timberland by Timber Creek HS and Caprock ES going towards the VOWS homes in that area.  He is 12 years old and very, very sweet.  Our daughter does not know yet, and will be simply devastated as he is her best friend.  Please contact us at (817)726-8213 if you have ANY details.  THANKS.

Returned home -Please help us locate our lost dogs. They were last seen Saturday, October 13th in the Sunset neighborhood of VOWS. They are about 50 pounds each, one male and one female (brother and sister). The male is tan and the female is black. Though they are not, they look like Labrador Retrievers. They are up to date on shots, very friendly, and will answer to “Buddy” and “Lola”. If you’ve seen them or have any information, please call 817-320-6336.

My neighbor found what looks to be a white & Brown Jack Russell Terrier. He is very friendly. No tags/collar. We live in Prarie Meadows, on Langley Hill Drive. Please call 817-431-2925 @ Woodland Springs Animal Clinic on Alta Vista

Found 10/2 at Independence Elementary: black female chihuahua/dachsund mix with pink collar, no tags. Taken to Woodland Springs vet.  Very sweet and very well fed.  No microchip.Please call office 817-741-1719


We lost our dog sat 09/22/2012 in the afternoon his name is Stich, white Lhasa Apso, around 20 pounds, white with some beige or light brown. We live in Lone Brave Dr, our phone numbers are 9728985837 9729240220 or 4698883040, if found please call us, we miss him so much.

Dog seen for several days in the ponds behind Moorhen Circle. Brown dog, thin of build, probably 50 lbs, possibly a Weimaraner with a collar. Very skiddish and won’t come near anyone. Please find your dog, before animal control does.


Found : 9.18.12 Boston terrier. 214-662-5557

FOUND SMALL FEMALE WHITE DOG, possible Maltese. No tags, no collar, no microchip. Found running along Park Vista around noon in the rain.

Lost september 6. Gray miniature schnauzer. 6 years old. Pink collar on. Responds to the name “lana”     Please call 214-649-6531

Lost: Black long haired domestic male cat 5 years old very friendly no collar “TAZ”  Please call 682-200-9880

Returned Lost September 3, 2012. She is a white english bull-dog. she has no collar, but she will respond to “big girl” or “pebbles.” She is very friendly and there is no reason to feel frightened. If found Please call  817.500.8533  or  817.489.4110.

Found :  Shitzu male dog,He has no collar or identification on him. Please call (330) 398-2640

Lost tan/light beige chihuahua with white spots on his head, tail, and edge of paws. He goes by the name of Rambo. He was last seen 8/24/12 in the 11600 block of Turkey Creek Drive. Please call (817)863-6489 if you have any information. Thank you.

Lost Black & White Male Siberian Husky- Ni’cko -Thursday 8/23/2012 around 9:00 pm off Timberland & Mountain Lion. If found please call :817.682.7112

Lost Yorkie LOST – 9 month old Yorkie Last seen on 8/16/12 in McPherson Ranch on Bedington Ln. Please call 817-917-7408

Found 8-16-12 two dogs, male black lab and male white brown terrier. Both dogs have been sleeping on front porches on 14000 block of Aspen Creek. No tags on either dog. These dogs are chipped.

Found 2 small lost dogs -1st white with grey ears, 2nd tan-ish with grey back and shocker collar Call. 817-690-5610

Found Schottish Terrier near Sundog please call 281-773-2897

 Lost brown dachusand weenie dog boy,  our phone is 817 879 6704 we live in prickly pear dr.

 Lost- Aussie/Collie mix please call 817-480-7030
 Lost 10 year old female Pomeranian, orange sable, about 6 lbs.  Last seen in the Button Bush/Grey Twig/Timberland Rd. area on Sunday evening, 6/17/12. If found, please call Joe at (817) 741-9394. Thanks, Joe
 Found:  Returned Black lab, male.  Mangled collar tag with partial information.
Vaccination Station in Dallas.  Dr. Kevin Gibbs.  Partial owner phone
on back of tag.  Black collar. Found on the corner of Vienna Apple and Shadybrook Dr.Call Will at 817 715 2727
Found 5/31/12 Med size brown terrier mix , no collar female. please call Lori Brown 817-291-8508
RETURNED Found Small black and white male dog please call the office at 817-741-1719. 
Small Yorkie mix. Copper color, answers to Chewie. Last seen around 4:00pm near Woodland Springs Elementary.

 If found please call 214-597-3724

We lost our rescue dog April 30 2012 she is a chocolate lab often mistaken for a pit mix, she has hazel brown eyes, she did not have a collar on she could possibly be in heat now. Our family really misses her she was our childrens first dog. She got out of the back gate. Please contact us if she is found at 832-888-5397 Ashley or email me at loyalfit@yahoo.com thank you
 FOUND DOG – Saturday, April 28, 2012 at approximately 2:30 pm near Woodland Springs Elementary SchoolSmall terrier mix, male, copper colorPlease call 817-937-7718

4/26- FOUND DOG: Male brown and a tiny bit of black colored papillion dog. Seems young but not sure. Temperment is great and very friendly.

We found the dog the street of Alta vista and Golden Triangle in the trailer parks. He looks like he has been shaved.Please call Rose @


Found -    Reddish/Brown / White Spots  medium size dog on Friday afternoon on Timberland, close to 35.  If anyone is looking for him, please call 817-318-9692 .
Returned  lost - white jack Russell terrier. He was groomed recently and has a checkered bandana and green collar. Anyone with information please call Stefani at 214-662-8391. Thank you!
Found a dhatzun mix breed female dog on Saturday, April 14th.  She is black with a pink bandana around her neck.  If you are looking for this dog please call Molly Robinson at 817-343-2752.  We will hold her until Tuesday, April 17th and then drop her off at the Southlake Humaine Society.

Lost cat between Bray Birch and Persimmon Ct. in the greenbelt. Brown and Tan Marbled. Lost on approx. 4/12/12. If seen please call 817-741-2446.

RETURNED-LOST Small Terrier, approx, 5lbs, missing 3/16 /12 evening off Leaflet Dr. ** REWARD**  Please call 972-953-9151 or 817-564-6239

RETURNED Found on 3/15 older femal chihuahua. Grey and white female. Has chip but numbers were from another state and didn’t work. Please contact Mike 214-288-6073

 Lost Cat – 3/9/12 – Goes by Patches 6 years old gray and white medium hair. Front claws are declawed and neutered, very loving. Please call 817-337-0307

RETURNED HOME Reddish-brown dachshund found  next to Keller Hicks road across from Tornado Terry’s on Sunday, March 4th. Please call 817-337-5918 for more information.

 White Dog found in the green belt area on Woodland Spings Drive near Petunia Drive. (Cheslea Pizza) He has no collar. Scanned for chip at PetSmart and not chip. Call Ginger at 817-721-4909

Found: 3/2/12  White male Pomeranian dog in the 3100 block of Hollow Valley Drive and Timberland. Collar without tags.  Please call Rose 707-684-0517

LOST – 2/21 Dark Grey, tail is striped (like racoon) light blue eyes.  Near Round Leaf and Sand Cherry please call Selena 817-798-5683.
Found – 2/16.  Small dog.    Call Tom Yockey 817-305-6068
Found 1.11.12 - small black poodle, Contact Maggies Angels at maggies_angels.com

Lost – a Black and White short hair cat on Shale Dr. on November, 29th.  Her name is “Ladybug.”  If anyone has seen her please call 817-741-0824.

Found -red, male neutered dog.  Possibly a pit bull mix or rottie mix. Approximately 65-75 lbs.  Very friendly, has some basic training, good with kids.  Found in the Woodland Springs area chasing rabbits.  Please call (817)745-3500.

Found! A precious (Jack Russell?) small white / brown dog on Saturday, Nov. 19th at 1:00pm  around Park Vista and Yellow Birch.  Please call (817) 975-1311 – very adorable and well behaved.

Found! Male Boxer, and maybe part pit bull? Brown and white

Beautiful dog, well behaved. My neighbor found this dog in the street on Woodland Springs 11/15/11, and was afraid it would get hit by a car. He has a collar but no tag.Please claim. He misses his family! You may call me at 817-741-0170 and leave a message with phone number and I will call you back.

Lost Returned  1 year old female beagle/corgi mix.  Last seen on 11800 block of Vienna Apple.  Red collar, no tag.  If found, please call 915-204-4150 Shanna Medrano

Found Returned Small White Dog with black markings in Bray Burch area.   Very friendly.  May be some sort of small fox terrier mix.

Call Rick at 214-762-8663.  If no one comes forward will take to Woodland Springs Vet of Alta Vista.

Lost Silver/Black mixed color (large) mini schnauzer. Male. 5 yrs old. Approx 27 lbs. Was last seen in our backyard at 4645 Daisy Leaf Dr at 4:15pm on Sunday. We came home at 7:20 to an empty backyard. No Tags :( Goes by “Bentley.” PLEASE call (817)845-0476 with any information.

Found 10/21/11  Female Terrier – She is fully white except for the ears, very well behaved. She is about a foot tall wired hair. She has a blk collar but no tag.  Call 682 557 8036 for description. I will drop off at woodland springs vet. She was running around by Mountain Lion .

Found  Returned 10/1/11 @10:30am – 2 small/med dogs running together down Park Vista with harnesses but no tags. Taken to Woodland Springs Vet. Please call 817-431-3735 to identify.

Found  Returned 9/28/11 a small puppy NO TAGS at Bray Birch park. Please call to identify  817-741-1719 or 817-228-2285.

Found Returned  9/28/11 a dog found and taken to Woodlands Springs Vet on Alta Vista. Please call 817-431-3735

FOUND -Returned  9/25/11 Possibly a beagle/corgi mix. Tri color, black collar with rhinestones, no tag. Found near Basilwood and Vienna Apple. Very friendly.l. Call 918-676-8891.


9/14/11 – friendly white bunny off of Park Vista Road. Please call 214-415-7705

FOUND- Returned

Lost female basset hound on 9/8 on Walden Wood around 7:30 pm. She is white with black spots, no collar, spayed, very sweet and energetic. She has a micro chip but it is not registered. We miss her very much. Please call 214-288-9460 if found.

LOST – 9/03/11 – We have lost a grey, black and white cat. We last saw him on 09/03/11. His name is George and he had a collar on when lost. REWARD. Please contact us at 469-955-3780 if found or if you have any information.

LOST – 8/26/11  Orange and white male cat – REWARD if found Please call Kellie 817-800-6862

Found – 8/16/11-white chihuahua with black and brown spots and red collar with no tag on Balta Drive in the Quail Creek Subdivision.   Please call Krista at 817-562-5204

Found – 8/14/11 – Returned Large/Male Golden Lab found off of Old Denton/Keller Hicks area. No tags, seems friendly but very scared. Please call – Ryan and Christine Taylor 817-337-4980 

LOST – 8/14/11 – I have lost a female shih-tzu, she is black and white and has a mohawk. She only has one eye, from a grooming accident. She is a huge part of our family and she is greatly missed. Her name is Delilah and she got out on 08-12-11. Please contact me if you have any details, 817-909-2181.

Found 8/8/11 - Returned Pit Bull/ English Bull dog (Male) white and tan very friendly, like to take rides in the car, and neutered. Please call Eddie at 817-966-8871. (found near Angle Food pool) 


On 07/29/11, a black female dog, possibly shar pei mix, with a pink collar. No tags, no microchip. Found in the intersection of Brown Bear and Spotted Owl, off Timberland. Dog is very well behaved, but is in heat and we can’t keep her around our male dog too long. Please call 817-291-4084 (Margaret) or 817-228-6005 (John).

Found – We found what we think is a male, declawed (front and back) cat.  Very friendly and social.  He appears to be very young.  He’s mostly white with gray and black markings.  We live off of Winterberry and Caylor on the north side of Woodland Springs.  The cat has been with us for months.  But we are happy to return him to his owners.  Please call office at 817-741-1719



We found a young male Siberian Husky on April 15th near Timberland Road in Woodland Springs.  We posted ads and flyers but nobody claimed him.  We are now trying to find a good home for him.  He is very sweet, loves people and other animals, rarely barks, is crate-trained but loves to sleep outside too, does well on a leash for walking and is simply beautiful and loveable.  We guess his is about 7-10 months old.  Please call us at 760-271-2453 if you are interested in adding this sweet little pup to your family.










































FOUND on July 10th, 2011

Long-hair white persian seal point cat. Fat and healthy, looks to be kept indoors.Call Mandie 817-781-2233 on Prickly Pear Drive

Lost - Returned home 6/27/11 White poodle mix male, and black Chihuahua female …

please call 817-542-2466.

Found – 6/22/11 Small white female maybe Yorkie/ Terrier mix around Timberland. Please call 817-313-4446.

LOST - Returned home

Our dog ran away from home around 6 pm tuesday 6/21/11.  He is black/ tan and very friendly.  He had no collar and not chipped. Please call me if you have found him.

Thanks, Felisha  817-901-0178

Found – 6/18/11 Young Male Neutered dachshund . call 817-715-2052
This puppy was wandering the Woods this morning. We took her over to the Woodland Springs Veterinary Hospital on Alta Vista. They checked and found no chip. They will keep the dog for 24 hours and then will call Animal Shelter.
She is really a sweet dog, very friendly, comes when you call her, sits, etc. She is black and white, with four white paws. She is still a puppy, and the Vet Hospital said she is probably a lab mix, weighing now probably about 20-25 pounds, so she will be a good sized dog when full grown.
We have lost a White, Male Shi-Tzu on Sunday morning 6/12/2011 , he answers to Buddy. He was lost in the 12200 block of Vienna Apple Rd. He is a lover, loves to be held and loves to lick.
Please call 817-929-0810 if you have any information to Buddy’s whereabouts.
FOUND 5/28/11 9:30am On Woodland Springs Returned
2 female small dogs please call to describe. 817-741-1719
I have them here at the office until 4pm, then they will go home with me.
5/26/11 -LOST
lost around midnight 5-27 near old denton rd and coyote ridge. Max is a teacup Chihuahua who needs medication for seizures and low blood sugar. 7 years old, tan and wrighs around 3 lbs. Applehead with some gray around the face a little on the back. PLEASE HELP FIND MY BABY!!! CALL 817-521-2752
Small beagle looking, 8-9 years old, female, found in cul-de-sac on Briarcreek.
Please call 817-431-3735.
Black/Grey Tiger Strips with white underbelly, 5-7 lbs. Lost May 23rd in the Prairie Meadows Addition of Woodland Springs. Name is BELLA. Please call 817-431-9472 or email dlaher@msn.com REWARD OFFERED!
A male, beagle? wandered into our garage and right into our house.I was unloading groceries.I live at the corner of Woodland Springs Drive and Park Vista.He is about 45-50 lbs.No collar.He is micro-chipped, however, the micro-chip was never registered.My name is Marcy Lynch, my number is 817-368-5190.
Found-5/19/11 Returned to owner
I just found a dog, small fluffy white dog with black on ears and some places on body. very sweet, no collar.
call 817-542-3085
Lost 5/19/11
Lost my 2 year old female Corgi. She is red and white, weighs about 19-20 lbs. Her name is Biscuit.
She is very sweet and friendly. She had on a black collar with pink paw prints. I live on Petunia Drive. I can be reached via email or phone 469-450-3524.
Found -5/6
A medium sized pit bull.He is black with white on his neck and front leg.He is very sweet.
Please come pick him up.Call me at 859-230-0846.If I don’t answer please leave a message.
LOST- 4/30
Red/apricot small poodle in Forest Hill Section between 8 pm and midnight 4/30.
She is very old and needs special medication. If found, please contact Pam at 8173689777.
APRIL 28TH- LOST Returned to owner
SHELBY is a grey tabby that is about 10 years old and very timid. PLEASE call me if you have seen her or have helped her. She got out while our home was being shown by a realtor. We are terribly sad without her.972-835-2229
APRIL 24th- LOST Returned to owner
Name of Dog: Landry
Type: Black Lab , 4 white paws and some on legs, white on breast, 10 + yrs old, very friend dog with kids, other dogs and will usually come to anyone. He was last seen at 5PM at 5305 Quail Creek Ct. at his residence on 4/24/11( Easter Sunday). Very scared of thunderstorms, he most likely panicked when owner was away for an hr and dug under his fence and his collar was torn off so he is not wearing a collar.
Cell Phone: 214-632-6471 Email: blindeman99@gmail.com
April 15- FOUND
1 yorkie with extremely matted hair. 1 male small dog with long black hair. Please call 817-703-6083. Found off Waterbrook in between Woodland Springs and Park Vista.
April 15 -LOST
Rat Terrier. White with black and brown face. Answers to Jay Jay.
Last seen on April 15th @ 3PM on Pheasant Creek near Kenny Drive
If seen or recovered, please call Chris (214) 952-8367
April 15-
Found -a Siberian Husky yesterday near Timberland Boulevard and N. Riverside Drive. Jeanne 760-271-2453
April 14 – Returned to owner.
Found Small tan/rust chiuaua mix adult male. Black collar without tags. Found near Woodland Springs road and Katy drive. Looks to have a hurt back leg. Call if he is yours (714)925-6566.
April 5- Returned to owner.
Found: Small/medium dog on Hickory Circle, April 5 at about noon, please call 817-201-5999 to identify.
March 21
FOUND:********REUNITED************ little yorkie-brown, tan and black in color, found on Park Vista around 6pm on Monday. Please call Kristie at 817-308-0740 if this is your dog.
January 25
LOST DOG: Black, Male Lab-90lbs. Please call catherine Moore at 817-939-3498. The little boy at this house is missing his pet dearly.
January 13
FOUND: 2 small dogs on Tacoma RIdge. Please call Stacy at 817-741-1719.
December 15
LOST DOG: “Tink” is a mini Schnauzer and is greatly missed. Please call Christina at 817-741-7908.
December 13
LOST: Great Pyrenees/lab mix (white) named “Betsy”. She needs medication, and is greatly missed. Please call Kristina Mayo at 817-692-0714. REWARD********
December 2
FOUND: Male American Bull Dog on Spotted Owl. Please call Bobby at 817-683-6388.
November 1
FOUND: Older, one eyed black colored Chihuahua on Vienna Apple. Please call Cyria at 817-741-4652 if this is your dog.
October 28
FOUND: Small female dog, black and white, collar without tags. Please call Liza at 817-980-5180.
October 27
FOUND: Young cat-white with black spots and a tan tail. Found on Turning Leaf, please call 214-681-5501.
October 22
LOST DOG: ******* RETURNED*******White Bull dog with black spots. He has health issues and needs medicine, he was last seen on Pinion Pine. Please call Rene at 972-953-8490.
October 22
FOUND: Silky female terrier (PREGNANT), found near Persimmon Ct. Please call Roxanne Miller at 817-741-1410 or the HOA office at 817-741-1719 if this is your dog. ****** OWNERS FOUND!!!! ROXANNE, please call the owners at 817-880-4162 and arrange a time for the owners to claim their dog. They are trying to get a hold of you!!!
September 21
LOST PUPPIES: 2 Shihtzu puppies, 1 tan male and 1 white and black female. Lost near Alta Vista and Susie Rich. Please call Eileen at 817-343-1222.
September 21
FOUND: Pomeranian, rust colored male, with a green fabric collar. Found near Macaroon/Angel Food today, please call Chalna Shaffer at 214-334-7359.
September 7
LOST DOGS: Large anatolian shepherd, tan and white, answers to “Ace”. Brindle boxer mix named “King”, they both have tags and are very friendly. They were last seen on Friday, Sept 3, please call 817-658-2790 if you see them.
August 30
Found dog: Found a small brown dog, Chihuahua. On Lily Drive, please call Tina at 817-741-3430.
August 18
Lost Dog: Black and White Lab Mix-”Landry”. Last seen in the Park Vista/Woodland springs Dr. area, please call Brenda at 214-632-6471.
August 16
LOST DOG: Black Lab, male. Last seen on Sugar Maple Dr, he is wearing a red collar with the name Ranger on it, please call Jessica at 972-757-0206 if you have seen him.
July 12
FOUND 2 DOGS: On Vienna Apple. One dog looks like a mix between a yellow lab and pitbull (collar-no tags) and the other dog looks like a black Australian Shepard. They showed up together but not sure if they live together. Please call 817-773-8180 if one or both of these dogs are yours.
July 12
FOUND PUPPY: An adorable girl Rotteweiler puppy. She is not very old and is very smart and sweet. Please call Tammy at 352-363-0192 if this is your puppy or if you can give her a good home. This Family is not in a position to keep her.
July 12
FOUND DOG: Chocolate Lab (young looking) with a blue collar-NO TAGS found on Triangle Leaf, looks as though he has been alone for a while, please call Beau at 817-271-5719 if this is your dog!!!
July 12
FOUND DOG: A male beagle found on Twin Creeks. He is house trained and responds to commands. He is a great dog and I am sure someone is missing him. Please call 940-391-1530 if this is your dog.
July 6
Found Dog-ESCAPED: Male Beagle with mostly black back, brown face and white tipped tail. Found on Warbler Lane. Please call Jacqui at 817-741-6746 or 817-475-1854 if this is your dog.
July 1
LOST KITTEN: ******* FOUND/REUNITED 7 months old, named Kitty Cat on Macaroon Lane. This family is so sad as they have only had her a month. She has white paws and is all white underneath, with a calico back and grey tabby head. Please contact Cynde or Greg at 817-741-0629.
June 29
FOUND DOG: A Black with white paws dog (possibly shitzu) showed up in our garage on Gloriosa Drive. Possibly still a puppy due to it’s small size.
June 28
LOST CAT: Male Cat, cream coloring with orange tips, his name is Cracker, because he looks like a saltine cracker. The Children in this house are devastated as they have only had him a week. They live on Holly Hock Lane, if you see him please call Christine Molloy at 817-431-7947 or 214-334-1093.
June 27
FOUND DOG: A small Apricot colored dog on Ambrosia, without any tags. Please call Mrs. Faircloth at 817-741-4380 or the HOA office at 817-741-1719.
June 18
LOST CAT: Dark grey and white male cat. He is small with white paws and a white chest. He was a feral rescue so he is timid towards most people. Please call 214-663-6125 if you see or have him.
June 12
LOST DOGS: Black & Brown catahoula with another white dog. Please call 817-714-5207.
GOOD HOME NEEDED: For the sweetest kitten. Very young grey with black striped tabby. We have had her over 3 weeks, and have posted signs and no one has claimed her. Please call if you would like to give her a good home. Please call us at 817-741-5580. She is sooo very sweet!
June 4
LOST DOG: Cockapoo-female, light brown (cocoa colored) with wavy hair.She went missing around 5pm on June 3. Her name is Bailey. We live on Caddo accross from the slide pool. Please call 817-480-8842.
June 3
LOST DOG: Brown lab mix, very friendly, always shows his teeth (smiling), gentle. Goes by the name D-O-G. He lives on Moorhen Circle, please call Rebekah at 214-277-1205. *** This phone number is disconnected, can you please send in a new way for people to contact you…
June 2
FOUND: Toy Yorkie on Aspen Creek. Please call Elise at 817-789-8765 if this little one is yours.
May 24
FOUND: Very Small Tan Male Chihuahua running around Keller Hicks Road near Pheasant Creek. He has a colorful collar and flea collar on but no tags. He is very sweet and very little. Please call Angela at 843-324-9515 if he is yours.
May 17
FOUND: Yound grey and black kitten with a white belly on Angel food Lane. Very sweet, the owners must be missing it. Please call 817-741-5580-anytime.
May 11
FOUND A PUPPY: Chihuahua mix-all black with a tiny bit of white on chest and white paws. Found near the Slide pool on Woodland Springs Dr. on May 11. Please call 817-372-1461-ANYTIME! I am sure this little one is very missed.
FOUND DOG: On May 12, I found a Golden Retriever walking alongside the Blue Sky Sports Complex on Golden Triangle. If this is your dog, please call 817-301-5140.
LOST: ******* FOUND/REUNITED ******Emma, the Schnauzer
May 12, 2010
She is black all over with a white face and white feet. She is very friendly, and was last seen around 5304 Rush Creek Ct. Please call Betty Dunn at 972-342-3399, anytime!
April 29, 2010
Chihuahua Puppy named Wolfgang. He is only 3 month’s old and very little. He is sandy tan colored with floppy ears, brown eyes and white on the tip of his paws and tail. He doesn’t have tags because he is in the process of receiving a series of shots from the vet, and doesn’t have all the tags yet.
He was last seen at 2800 Keller Hicks Rd where he lives. He is VERY missed and there is a REWARD for his return. Please call 817-443-4148 or 817-658-1529. CALL NIGHT OR DAY!!!
April 12, 2010
Small white Maltese dog answers to “Maggie”. Got out around 6 pm on Friday, April 9th near corner of Park Vista and Yellow Birch Drive near Caylor. Kids very sad if found please call 817-320-7028.
March 24, 2010
She is Black and White and answers to Lucy. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE TO THE POUND****
Please call 682-557-6665 or return to 12412 Angel Food Lane.
October 27, 2009
We lost our 1 year old Havanese puppy, Daisy today. She is about 10 pounds, and is mostly white and black. She is shaved pretty low, except her face and tail. She was last seen on English Oak Dr. Please call me at 817-903-7610 or 817-380-3600 if you find her.
October 28, 2009
Male Boston Terrier, no collar, please call 817-741-3359
October 12, 2009

Found on Lily Drive. Very friendly. No collar or tags. Schnauzer or Schnauzer mix. Black and Brown. Please call 817-741-3430 or 361-793-5113.
September 17, 2009
1 year old Female kitten.
Black with white and orange patches. Her front legs are black w/white mittens and her black legs are white w/ black and orage patches on them. She has a small blaze of white between her eyes down around her nose. She is wearing a pink collar w/tags and is micro-chipped.
Her name is Augustus. We call her kitty. She is very timid and scared and may run if you try to catch her. Last seen on Cottontail Drive in the “Villas” subdivision of Woodland Springs.
Please if you see her call Elizabeth at 817-431-8041.
August 10, 2009
Minature Pincher, male, Black/Brown.
NAME: Pinchy
He needs medication, going blind!! 817-501-3068
August 4, 20009
Lost 1 small tan colored male dog without a colar. He is a miniture greyhound mix (skinny little dog with long legs). He goes by the name of Joey. If you find him please call Caryle at 817-891-8633.
We have a beautiful registered black and white Siberian Husky (b 11/13/08) that needs a new home where he will have lots of attention. He loves to play and run and loves children. If you are a runner he will just love to run with you. He is house broken and crate trained. He loves his crate and his toys so they will go with him. For questions or photos please e-mail Catherine at cat@honaker4.com or call 817-379-0491.
Found in the Saratoga subdivision next to Woodland Springs. The dog is white, shih-tzu looking and a boy. He is wearing a doggie shirt that says “Sailor.”
My contact information is Jennifer Wilson at 817-431-1797.
July 26, 2009
We would like to find this dog a home in the neighhood. He is about 1yr old and he is a greyhound/pit terrior get dog very fun. Please contact at misskristina2@yahoo.com .
July 26, 2009
While out walking my dog tonight I found a dog with a collar, but no tag. He is a large dog. Maybe a mix with some sort of setter. He is mostly brown with a white mane and white socks. He has a bobbed tail. He seems relatively young. The collar he is wearing is purple. I am asking that any of you that have email lists of neighbors forward this email. Anyone that is missing a dog like this can call me at 817 897 3797. We will keep him tonight and check tomorrow to see if he is chipped. If not we will probably keep him for a few days before calling animal control services. I would hate to do that, because he is a beautiful and very friendly dog.
June 15, 2009
2 Fawn Boxers from Sweet Leaf Ct. in the Oaks area. Very gentle, male has respiratory issues so will likely just be sitting under a tree…please call @ 817-896-7982.
June 5, 2009
Female Chihuahua in the Forest Hill Section on Tuesday June 2nd. Very sweet and cute! Call if she belongs to you or you know who she belongs to! Pam 817-368-9777
LOST: June 3, 2009 ***Found/Apprehended***
Name: Tink
Gray and Black Striped cat with white belly and Blueish collar with small bell. Cat is timid and completely declawed. Lost at the corner of Sugar Maple Dr.and SweetGum Ct.
Reward for capture. Please call wardens at 817.431.0256 or 817.964.2565
May 5, 2009
Name: Hannah
Female German Shepherd 10 yrs,