2020 Pool Season Notice

On Monday, April 27, 2020,  Governor Abbott released his Report to Open Texas – Texans Helping Texans that you can access here (https://gov.texas.gov/uploads/files/organization/opentexas/OpenTexas-Report.pdf).  The plan and accompanying report allows for many businesses and community activities to resume in a limited capacity on a trial basis. Per the report and supporting Executive Order GA-18, public swimming pools “shall be avoided” and are not authorized to open in any capacity as part of “Phase 1” of the Governor’s plan. To review the Executive Order GA-18, click here (https://gov.texas.gov/uploads/files/press/EO-GA-18_expanded_reopening_of_services_COVID-19.pdf).


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and physical distancing guidelines, the opening schedule for the 2020 pool season for the Villages of Woodland Springs Homeowners Association has been delayed indefinitely. While the board of directors understands that this is disappointing for the community, the health, safety and welfare of the residents is the number one priority. The board is closely monitoring updates provided by Tarrant County and the city of Fort Worth that could change or affect the pool opening delay.  Additional updates will be sent to the residents as they become available. 


Management has received a few inquiries about reduction in assessments due to pool season being delayed. The Villages of Woodland Springs is a Texas nonprofit corporation and every dollar assessed is budgeted for maintenance, repair and administration of the association. The association does not profit from the dues assessed to the homeowners. In addition, the closure of facilities is not expected to result in any cost savings to the association. Facility closures and restricted amenity access due to COVID-19 will likely result in increased expenses related to maintenance/cleaning. Assessments are uniformly charged based on the association’s annual budget, and amounts paid by owners are not attributable to a particular association expense. For those reasons, a reduction or elimination of assessments is not something the HOA can provide. 


The Board will notify the community as soon as the restrictions are lifted and provide an opening date for the 2020 pool season. If you have questions, please contact Craig Asaff at craig.asaff@fsresidential.com. On behalf of the board of directors, please accept our warmest thanks and well wishes as we navigate these unprecedented times.



Garage Sale

Due to the current conditions, the community garage is canceled for this weekend, April 24th – 26th.

Pond Dredging

A dredging company has been hired to remove sedimentation from the pond located on the Park Vista greenbelt between Woodland Springs Drive and Bayview Drive. The sedimentation is not allowing the irrigation pump to work properly. The project will begin Monday, April 6th and is projected to be completed in two weeks. The sedimentation will be pumped into porous bags near the shoreline. The bags will remain on the shoreline for 4-5 weeks, until they are dry enough to be transported to an offsite location. During the dredging process , the pond will not be treated for algae south of the fountain. When sedimentation is disturbed and the water temperature is hot, it is not uncommon for gases to release and the presence of a noticeable smell. Once the sediment is removed, there may be a significant algae bloom. The lake management company will treat the algae, if any, once the dredging equipment has been removed. We appreciate your understanding and patience with this project. For any questions or concerns, please contact the management team at 817-741-1719, or vows.admin@fsresidential.com.


Important Information
Where can we find information on the COVID-19 virus?

• We encourage homeowners to visit the CDC website for ongoing updates, prevention tips and frequently asked questions: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/index.html

Are VOWS events still being held, or have they been postponed or cancelled?

• All social committee and VOWS sponsored events have been cancelled until further notice.

Which amenities are closed and which ones are open?

• The outdoor play areas (Tennis Court, Basketball Courts, Hockey Rink, Volleyball, Soccer Fields, Baseball Field, and Corn Hole) have been closed until further notice. The Board recommends following the CDC guidelines for social distancing.
• The Amenity Center is closed until further notice.

Is the On-Site office open?

• The management office will be closed to the public but will be available by appointment only. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 817-741-1719, or by emailing vows.admin@fsresidential.com.

Is the Amenity center available to rent?

• Amenity center rentals have been postponed until further notice.

Can I attend the April 28, 2020 board meeting?

• The April 28th Board meeting will be available to homeowners to listen in via conference call only. The phone number to connect to the meeting is 425-436-6350 – Access code 245935. Homeowners will not be able to ask questions during the meeting. If you have any questions for the Board please email your questions to craig.asaff@fsresidential.com and the Board will try to respond to as many questions as possible during the meeting.

How can I receive updates?

• Updates will be provided in the bi-weekly newsletter. Please email Claudia.lindsey@fsresidential.com to be added to the distribution list.
• Download the MyVows app in the google play or App store to receive push notifications.

Office Closure



In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the on-site office we be closed to the public. The management team will be available by appointment only. Homeowners can schedule an appointment by calling 817.741.1719, or by emailing vows.admin@fsresidential.com.  If there’s an HOA emergency, please contact our 24-hour Customer Care Center at 877.378.2388. Below is a list of Important contacts.


  • FW Non-Emergency               817 392-4222
  • To place a FW Police Report   police@fortworthtexas.gov
  • Officer Barry Sawyer              817 994-3453 or Barry.Sawyer@fortworthtexas.gov
  • Union Pacific FW Office          817 353-7278
  • TPW     Transportation and Public Works       817 392-1234
  • Code Compliance Officer for our area           682 444-6214
  • FW Fire Dept. Non-Emergency           817 392-3000
  • Tri County Electric Coop         817 444-3201
  • Woodland Springs HOA Office           817 741-1719
  • VOWS After Hours Emergency           877 378-2388
  • VOWS Vacation Watch (send email to)          police4vows@gmail.com
  • Tarrant County COVID – 19 Hotline          817-248-6299 (business hours only)

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


The Villages of Woodland Springs

Board of Directors