The following pools will be closed on Mondays due to maintenance: Slide pool, Bray Birch, and Old Denton.

The following pools will be closed on Tuesdays due to maintenance: Timberland, Wild Pear, and Angel Food.

Homeowners who need a pool key please email vows.admin@fsresidential.com and the on-site staff can provide a link to access the new Bluetooth system. Homeowners and Renters should email the on-site staff at vows.admin@fsrsidential.com with your address, First/Last Name of those needing to be added to the Bluetooth access system, and email address for each user requesting to be added (must be over the age of 18). Both Homeowners and Renters are also able to pick up a pool access fob at the on-site office located at 12209 Timberland Blvd. Renters are required to fill out the Lease Notice and Information Form, which can be obtained online under the Forms tab or requested from vows.admin@fsresidential.com.